Silver Torbie

Noodle is currently our biggest girl, and has consistently been right on Gus' tail when it comes to how big they continue to grow. Maine Coons don't get their adult coat until two years of age, which is why Noodle has a shorter mane than some others you may see. Hers will come in nice and fluffy next year. Since we got her as a kitten, her favorite thing to do is take naps on her back and wait for belly rubs to come.


Black Smoke

Mochi is our girl who absolutely can't get enough of her people. She is sure to be found in whatever room her humans are in, snuggled right up to them and making sure she is getting plenty of pets. She is the most playful of all our cats, and is the first to run into the room when she hears someone bring her favorite feather toy out.


Polydactyl Black Smoke

Beans is our only polydactyl Maine Coon. She has 6 toes on all of her feet, which is what inspired her name. She is an incredibly goofy and loving girl who is still trying to figure out how to grow into her body. Like Gus, she also loves to be held like a baby and will purr in your arms until she falls asleep. If one cat in the house decides it's time for zoomies, Beans is always right there with them getting her running and play time in.