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  • Black, Black/Brown Tabby: $2200

  • Black Smoke, Silver Torbie, Silver Tabby: $2500

  • Polydactyl (black or black smoke only): $3000


  • Black, Black/Brown Tabby: $3000

  • Black Smoke, Red Smoke, Red Tabby, Silver Tabby: $3400

  • Polydactyl (black or black smoke only): $3700

A $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten, and will go toward the final cost. I do not hold kittens without a deposit. Pricing is subject to change at anytime before a deposit is sent, and I am unable to guarantee that you will be contacted for a kitten without a deposit. Payment Options: Personal or Cashiers Check (only in advance of pick-up), Paypal, Venmo, and Cashapp.


If you can't get the kitten as planned, your deposit gets moved to a future litter. It is not refundable. Please do not send a deposit unless you are 100% certain that you want a kitten and are committed to keeping it for life.


Once a deposit is sent to secure a particular kitten, the remaining balance is due before the kitten turns eight weeks old. EXCEPTION: If you place a deposit AFTER the kitten is six weeks old, the remaining balance is due by TEN WEEKS old.


All kittens are sent home with kitten food, multiple toys, a tunnel, vaccine record and a physical exam by our vet, wormed with strongid and panacur, TICA PET registration papers, and a two-year genetic health guarantee,


To be on the Waiting List, fill out a Kitten Application. There is not an order to the Waiting List. When I have an available kitten after contacting people on my deposit list, I will send out a mass email to those on the waitlist. Kittens are reserved with deposit only on a first come first serve basis. I do not hold kittens without an application and deposit. The deposit is nonrefundable.  If you can't get the kitten as planned, then your deposit can be moved to a future litter. Please do not send a deposit unless you are 100% certain you want a kitten and are committed to the Maine Coon for its life.


YOU NEED THE KITTEN DELIVERED TO YOUR CLOSEST AIRPORT: I use Pet Jet Pals Flight Nanny Services to personally fly the kitten to your nearest airport, and the kitten stays with the flight nanny the entire time.

With Jet Pet Pals, the flight nanny flies standby, so you need to be flexible on the pick-up dates/times because occasionally the first or second delivery date needs adjusted if there are no open standby seats to COS Airport. Jet Pet Pals pricing ranges from $550-$750 (usually on the lower end of this range). A TIP to the flight nanny is also customary. They usually are working very long hours and have to leave their home state in order to deliver your kitten.


PLEASE NOTE ADDITIONAL FEES THAT ARE SENT TO ME: You also send me $50 for the flight carrier, and a small litter box in case the flight nanny is delayed. These items are yours to keep upon delivery of your kitten . You will meet the flight nanny at your chosen airport for the kitten pick-up. FYI: I meet the flight nanny at COS airport which is not far from my home (about 10 minutes). HOWEVER,  if the flight nanny can't get seats to COS and has to fly into DEN airport, I add $50 fee that is sent to me for gas/miles. It will need sent via paypal, venmo, or cashapp. The drive to Denver is a 180 mile roundtrip for me. It is the responsibility of the client to get their kitten from me, I am one person and can't be everywhere at once, so clients come to me or setup a flight that works with my schedule. 

​You can follow Jet Pet Pals on Instagram and Facebook. 

FYI: It is customary to tip the flight nanny in addition to the flight nanny fee, and I always tip the nanny but you should too. This is a very time-consuming process for the flight nanny to get to my location, then to your location, and then to get back home. I am very appreciative of this service as are my past clients. 

​YOU FLY TO COS AND PICK UP YOUR KITTEN: I'll meet you at the airport or a hotel if you get one with your kitten. This is a beautiful area if you want to make it a kitten pick-up and mini-vacation. We have mild winters, lots of things for visitors to do, and it's absolutely beautiful. If you choose this option, then I need to explain to you exactly what you need to do if you are not familiar with flying with a pet. I am a very seasoned traveler with pets and can help the process go as smoothly as possible for you and your kitten. 

The families who have selected these flight nanny options have been very happy. 

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I do NOT Ship kittens and here is why... SHIPPING KITTENS is not the same as flying with the kitten in the cabin which is how my flight nanny's travel with the kitten. Breeders who SHIP kittens are sending them in the cargo hold with the luggage and they charge anywhere from $450 to $650 or more. The kitten is shipped in the cargo hold with no caretaker available and no one to be accountable for any issues once you pick up your kitten at the airport. How does shipping a kitten work? Kittens are checked in at the airport luggage drop and they are then treated as luggage and travel with the luggage--not with people. They sit outside on the loud tarmac waiting to be loaded before the flight with the luggage. During the flight the kitten is literally in the bowels of the plane and these flights can be anywhere from 6 to 18 hours (direct flights are dangerous enough however connecting flights hold even more risk).  The plane is only temperature controlled while in flight. It gets very hot and can be very cold between flights and while waiting for the plane to take off. The sound of the plane is deafening/frightening in the cargo hold, sitting on the tarmac waiting to be loaded is also dangerous and if there is a delayed flight or mechanical issue the kitten has no one there as they wait in the bowel of the plane or on the tarmac not to mention temperature fluctuation risks. The breeder is also not at the airport to meet you in order to be accountable if there is an issue once the kitten arrives or if the kitten fails to arrive at all or if it is the wrong kitten. Lastly, I want to meet ALL of the families in person when possible or my flight nanny to meet them. With a flight nanny, the kitten is under their constant care and they remain in their care the entire time.

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